August 28, 2023

Legacy of Magic: A Message From Kathryn Lott, Discovery Green Conservancy President

Kathryn Lott is seen leaning against a stone wall. She's wearing a black top and white pants.
Kathryn Lott, Discovery Green Conservancy President


Since Discovery Green announced I would be the new president, I have heard from so many people around the city. Representing multiple generations, cultures and perspectives, people wanted to tell me what the park has meant to them over the years. They shared the memories they’ve made at the playgrounds, in the gardens and at the hundreds of free events held at Discovery Green every year. 

My goal as president is to preserve the pillars and values Discovery Green was established on from the beginning. I look forward to serving this vibrant, welcoming outdoor cultural center. My commitment is to keep Discovery Green as Houston’s transformative place for creativity, fun and the celebration of our city’s diverse traditions. 

Discovery Green Conservancy needs your support. As a nonprofit, the organization is tasked with raising the funds necessary to maintain the 12-acre green space that enriches the lives of so many. The annual budget requires more than $300,000 for security alone and hundreds of thousands more in maintenance and programming. 

With your generous donation you ensure the green oasis in the heart of the city is an environmental showcase for the best of Houston. You create moments of magic that provide joyful moments for all visitors and locals. 

This fall we’re making it easier for everyone to show their love and support for Discovery Green. You can give by: 

Discovery Green pioneered a new way of bringing people together. It created a safe space for residents and visitors to experience art, sustainability, wellness and more. I hope you will join me in continuing this legacy. 

Kathryn Lott, 

Discovery Green Conservancy President 

Green plants and flowers at the gardens in Discovery Green Park in Downtown Houston, Tx