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Memories that last ​

Plaques and Pavers are Great Ways to:

  • Recognize a birthday
  • Celebrate a special occasion
  • Honor someone special
  • Or remember a beloved pet

Your tribute enshrines your memories and supports the park you love. You will be notified upon completion.

Plaques and Pavers are installed:

  • November
  • January 
  • June 

Installation Locations

When are the deadlines and when would my item be installed?

September 29 – installed in November

December 17 – installed in January

May 3- installed in June

Can you help me decide what my plaque/paver will say? Of course! Contact us using the information provided below to let us know you would like assistance with choosing your inscription. We’ll help you choose a message, then you can proceed with completing the form and submitting your payment on this webpage. You can refer to the image carousel on this webpage for templates.

I don’t know which paver to choose. Can I visit the park to evaluate my options? Absolutely. Contact us using the information provided below, and we can schedule a date and time for you to visit Discovery Green and get a small tour of available paver options.

My paver has been installed, but I don’t know where it is in the park. The confirmation email you received upon the installation of your paver should contain its location. Navigate to the park map by clicking here; your paver’s location should be on the map. If you need additional assistance, or if you cannot locate your confirmation email, contact us using the information provided below.

Do you allow symbols on the inscriptions? Yes, on both plaques and pavers, most symbols and even some shapes can be inscribed. If you aren’t sure if your symbol is allowed, contact us to verify it.

I made a mistake on my form. Can I change my inscription? Yes, but we must receive your change by the installation deadline. You cannot change inscriptions after installation of your paver/plaque unless the inscription differs from the form you submitted.

Can I pay for a paver with other individuals? Only in special cases, determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact us directly before making any payments so we can come to a solution that works for you.

Contact Us:

For additional information or inquiries,

Email us at development@discoverygreen.com, or

Call us at 713-800-4707

We will do our best to respond within 24-48 business hours of your communication.