What is the value of joy and happiness?

Programming padrinos know when they give to Discovery Green

For many Houston kids downtown is for play. Why? Because for 15 years, your gifts created free outdoor arts programs made for families at Discovery Green. Those shared moments of fun and wonder were possible because of donors like you, a.k.a programming padrinos Like godparents, padrinos play an important role in a quinceañera’s joyful 15th birthday tradition – you support their growth and maturity, like family. Discovery Green is celebrating its own coming of age, like the many bubbly quinceañeras posing in ballgowns in the park. Because of you the park is a backdrop for these happy occasions and cherished family memories.  

Can you imagine downtown Houston without Discovery Green for family photos, interactive art, movies, cultural events, or nature activities?

 It is unthinkable, yet without much needed financial donations the Conservancy is not able to keep up with community need. That’s because rising prices and inflation is straining the available funding for programming.  Your donations can help meet the demand for free arts and culture programs that encourage families to enjoy the outdoors together.  

You can make a difference – give today! Continue the legacy of joy and happiness by becoming a programming padrino! Your gift will spark a toddler’s love of reading, inspire a 3rd grader with science, create quality family time at the movies, ignite new fitness goals, and gift the wonder of nature to a new explorer. 

For this special quinceañera season, will you step forward to support traditions and art programs that spark moments of joy in a natural setting? Programming padrinos supporting at $500 or higher will have their name, or that of someone special, listed as part of Discovery Green’s spring 2023 mural.  

Thank you for donating in support of Discovery Green’s free and accessible programs! Wishing you and your family happy holidays!