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Happy birthday Discovery Green!

Discovery Green celebrates 15 years

Tell us your Discovery Green story

The Discovery Green Conservancy is gearing up to celebrate the park’s 15th birthday. Over the years we’ve experienced so many magical moments in the park and the staff would like to share some of our favorites, but first, we’d like to hear from you!

Do you have a moment you’d like to share? A first date? A first concert? Meeting a new friend? An exercise instructor that changed how you feel about yourself?

These are just a few things park visitors have told us about over the years. Now we’re collecting them for a digital scrapbook.

Mission to Mars at Super Bowl Live 2017
I have been visiting the park with the family for many of the offered events and activities, great experiences from the Art Car, Superbowl Live experience to picnics at the park. -- Silvia Urteaga
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On moving to Houston
I was ready to head back to Austin in tears, defeated by a city I was supposed to be excited to move to. My husband said, "Let’s go somewhere that excites us to remind us of what we have to look forward to."

I had saved Discovery Green in my google maps as a must see park and decided that’s where we would go. We spent the afternoon strolling and left feeling refreshed and ready and so excited to come back and find our home. And we did.

We take all of our visitors to Discovery Green. It’s just a space that brings us so much joy and feels familiar and comfortable! The photo is from that very first visit! -- Lauren Hiser