Restaurants at Discovery Green

Restaurants at Discovery Green

Along with its many other features and amenities, Discovery Green offers its visitors two dining options: The Lake House and The Grove. Operated by the nationally-renowned Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group of Cafe Annie fame, each restaurant offers a unique dining experience, whether for the casual eater or gourmet foodie.  

The Grove

The Grove restaurant offers an exciting urban dining experience unlike anything else in downtown Houston. Ideally located on the south end of Discovery Green near the Brown Foundation Promenade, this refined-dining establishment offers a one-of-a-kind setting for gatherings of all sizes and types. The Grove is the definitive see-and-be-seen culinary hotspot in Houston’s urban core and has redefined downtown dining since opening in January 2008.

Schiller Del Grande partner and world renowned Chef Robert Del Grande, with Chef De Cuisine Ryan Williams,  has crafted an exquisite menu of modern Texas cuisine featuring a range of tantalizing appetizers, salads, seafood, rotisserie specialties, steaks, sandwiches and decadent deserts. The cuisine alone is worth a trip downtown, and coupled with the warm aesthetic glow of the restaurant’s interior, “this place is poised, quite literally, to hit it out of the park,” as Houston Modern Luxury magazine rightly summed up in its review.  

The 10,000 square-foot restaurant designed by architect Larry Speck, former Dean of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin, with interiors by SDG Partner Candice Schiller, seamlessly blends into the natural pleasures of the surrounding urban park. The Grove’s earthy elegance and cosmopolitan sophistication turned out to be a winning combination indeed, as the building and its environs continue to wow architectural experts and casual admirers alike. With its deference to climate, culture and landscape, The Grove is an attraction in and of itself.  
The restaurant also happens to be among the most eco-friendly places in all of Houston. Not only is The Grove home to its very own rooftop herb and tomato garden, but it also uses eco-friendly materials made from corn, sugarcane or coconut fiber; recycles all paper, plastics, and cardboard within its walls. Furthermore, the cuisine itself reflects a commitment to locality and sustainability, utilizing a variety of Texas farms, cheese makers and Gulf Coast fisheries!

The Lake House

The Lake House is a family-friendly fast casual concept located on the south shore of Kinder Lake in Discovery Green. Since its opening in April 2008, the cafe has captured hearts and palates with some of the best burgers in Houston, made to order tacos and fresh guacamole, a variety of Texas hot dogs, delectable grilled chicken, signature salads and drinks, all with healthy doses of flavor, style and all-American nostalgia. 

Whether you choose to sit inside the 40-seat, all-glass, wood, and steel contemporary building, on one of the tables dotting the lakeside deck and shaded veranda, or picnic in the park, The Lake House offers something for every park visitor!
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