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December 13, 2023

Honoring Kathrine McGovern’s Enduring Legacy

It is with immense gratitude, and deep appreciation, that we reflect on the profound impact Kathrine McGovern had on Discovery Green over the last 17 years. Her unwavering commitment to our park, alongside the John P. McGovern Foundation, helped shape the heart of downtown Houston.

Mrs. McGovern’s warm and joyful spirit echoes through Discovery Green. The John P. McGovern Children’s Playground stands as a testament to their dedication to our community and safe spaces for children to play and explore. Through their generous giving, they have gifted Discovery Green its beloved playground, a vibrant haven for our community’s youngest members.

Her philanthropy touches the lives of countless visitors who enjoy the diverse and enriching programming made possible by the Foundation’s support. From general operations to free programming, McGovern Foundation has been a driving force behind the flourishing over our park since its inception.

But Mrs. McGovern’s generosity was in no way limited to Discovery Green. Her reach extended throughout Houston, with gifts to other important Houston institutions, including, but not limited to, the Houston Zoo, University of Houston, Hermann Park, UTHealth Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The legacy of her philanthropic giving will be felt for generations to come in every corner of Houston.

Mrs. McGovern was not just a friend and patron; she was a kindred spirit whose love for nature, children, and the arts resonated deeply with the values of Discovery Green. Discovery Green staff will remember her bright personality and the joy that she brought to everyone with her humor and kind disposition. Her vision and passion have left an indelible mark on our park, enriching the experiences of all who visit.

As we express our deepest condolences on the passing of this remarkable woman, let us also celebrate the legacy she leaves behind. The vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community space that is Discovery Green stands as a living testament to Mrs. McGovern’s enduring influence, and we are forever grateful for her immeasurable contributions.

Kathrine McGovern posing with children in front of a poster reading "Thank you Mrs. McGovern" in front of the John P. McGovern playground at Discovery Green.