Vendor Information

Vendor Information
We are currently accepting applications for a select number of events. Click here for information about participating in the Discovery Green Flea.

Before submitting your application, be sure to read Discovery Green's Vendor Rules. The fees that are charged are based on the average or expected monies spent in the managing and operating costs, and are subject to change.

All approved applicants will be charged a one time application fee of $100, in addition to their booth fee. Applicants must submit their application at least one week prior to the event/date requested in order to be considered. Please do not call or email us to check the status of your application; we will contact you at our earliest convenience if your application is approved.

*Discovery Green is not involved in providing vendors for any events produced by outside parties who have rented space in the park for their events, nor can we provide their contact information.

ENTERTAINMENT: We are unable to review materials, listen to cds or music files or respond directly to any inquiries to perform at the park.

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