Synchronicity of Color

Synchronicity of Color
Synchronicity of Color, or the “art boxes,” are iconic art pieces at Discovery Green®.

They were commissioned by Discovery Green and implemented by the Houston Arts Alliance and the City, which owns the largest two of the four-piece ensemble because they clad the city’s two underground garage stair structures.

Margo Sawyer, a professor of art at the University of Texas at Austin, conceived and fabricated the metal boxes while she was participating in the master planning for the park. Their paint is used on drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The major pieces are “blue” and “red.” Sawyer created two “echoes” that are part of the ensemble – the orange-themed boxes at The Grove and a mix of colors at HPL Express. She believed the park would benefit from color, and she delivered many times over.

Sawyer's work offers some of the most popular photo spots in the park.

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