Share your Discovery Green love story

Share your Discovery Green love story
When Andres decided to propose to Asher, he knew he needed two things out of the moment: something special and something unforgettable.

With the help of 30 dancers from Houston Contemporary Dance performing at sunset along the Brown Promenade at Discovery Green that’s exactly what he created. And he captured the moment with videographer Clyde Smith.

Andres and Asher met 7 years ago and one of their first dates was at Discovery Green. As their relationship developed, they spent a night sitting in the park and talking about their future and plans. Now, the couple celebrate every anniversary by stopping for drinks The Grove and walking the park, then exploring the rest of downtown.

On February 20th as they began their anniversary tradition, Andres said Asher had no idea what was about to happen. Andres met with dancers from Houston Contemporary earlier in December to brainstorm the event. He wanted the surprise to build from simple to beautiful. He wanted their artistic talent to build tension and create moments.

The dancers delivered and created a magical moment in a magical place under the oak trees with the soft light of day filtering down on the happy couple.

How did Asher respond?

“I remember hearing ‘Rewrite the Stars’ start playing. I thought it was a coincidence since it’s a special song between Andres and I. Then, as we started walking down the path and the people around me started dancing, I could feel the atmosphere shift and I knew in that moment that very something special was happening,” Asher said

Then came tears and a tight hold on Andres’ hand as he experienced many emotions all at once. Then, of course, he said, “yes.”

The wedding is planned for 2022.

Please note: Permits are required for gatherings of 20 or more in the park. For information, please contact