June 1, 2022

The A to Z of Discovery Green, a mural by Ange Hillz

President’s Choice Mural
The A to Z of Discovery Green
by Ange Hillz

Known for his bold, colorful style and stunning speed-painting performance, Houston artist Ange Hillz’s work has been seen around the world and his portrait of George Floyd was a Time Magazine cover in 2021.

Hillz painted this mural in four hours during the Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 opening night as part of the public art programming sponsored by Houston Association of Realtors®. You can see a video of the performance below. The President’s Choice Mural is a series of murals created by artists selected by park president Barry Mandel’s. Other murals in the series were made by Anat Ronen and Zozo Garcia. Discovery Green from A to Z was chosen for this mural’s theme in celebration of the park’s 15th anniversary and its evolution into an iconic and treasured symbol of Houston.

DG 15 Years