November 14, 2023

Meet William and Susan Harmeyer – Discovery Green’s first Day of Happiness Sponsor

William and Susan Harmeyer know very well the value of happiness. Ten years ago – after ten years of dating – the couple seized their moment and married on their lunch break. Today, they celebrated their 10thanniversary by sponsoring a “Day of Happiness” at Discovery Green. 

“We danced our way to love,” the banner inscription reads. 

“It’s true,” Susan says. “Every Friday night for 10 years we went dancing.” The pair, who describe themselves as shy, found that moving to music changed them. They grew together. 

The couple now live across from Discovery Green at One Park Place. They love attending the park’s outdoor concerts where they’ve discovered lots of different kinds of music – everything from jazz to Mexican mariachi. Together they have several children and grandchildren of many different ethnicities, and they love to see the diversity of their family reflected in their “front yard.” 

Life is not always easy. William and Susan have struggled through hard times like everyone does, but at Discovery Green they find moments of joy and happiness. They enjoy the love and life they share together. 

“I was born in Houston’s near northside, in a project,” Susan says. “There were only three ways out: a body bag, handcuffs, or an education. I chose an education and became a nurse… But I always said, ‘someday I’ll live in a high rise, with a martini in my hand and a man to take out my trash.” 

William and Susan said they decided to celebrate their anniversary with a gift to Discovery Green because they enjoy the diversity, the greenery, and the sounds of laughter of the next generation. They enjoy being able to support the park they love. 

“And the hill at the playground,” William adds. “My wife likes to slide down it on cardboard like the kids do.” 


You can provide visitors moments of laughter and joy at Discovery Green. By sponsoring a Day of Happiness at Discovery Green you support the park’s fountains, playground, art, landscaping and tons of free family programs. In return, your gift is recognized with a banner prominently displayed. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a milestone, such as a wedding anniversary, or to honor someone near and dear to your heart. Sponsorship levels start at $5000. 

Ready to spread joy? Contact Development Director Stephanie Carroll at

William and Susan Harmeyer smiling and posing together for a picture.


  • A one-night stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton
  • $100 gift card to The Grove
  • A family pack of Green Mountain Energy Ice rink tickets