July 10, 2023

Khambrel Marshall’s Newsmakers on KPRC2 features Kathryn Lott and Barry Mandel

It’s a bittersweet moment for Discovery Green Conservancy. We’ve said goodbye to outgoing Barry Mandel who retired July 1. But we’re happy to have said hello to our new president Kathryn Lott.

In an interview that aired Sunday, Khambrel Marshall of Newsmakers on KPRC2 sat down with Kathryn and Barry to discuss the park’s transformative effect on downtown Houston and Kathryn’s plans for Discovery Green.

The interview highlighted photos and videos of the park from when it was constructed. It’s incredible to see the old parking lot where trees, grass and even Kinder Lake sit now.

“I really do want to continue the legacy that Barry has already established. The park is so successful in and of itself He along with Susanne Theis and the rest of the team are brilliant,” Kathryn remarked. “But in order to keep the park as relevant as it currently is I do think we’re looking more technology and innovation as far as programming.”

During the interview Marshall points out the parking lot still exists, but now it’s underground. You can find out more about the parking garage, and the oak trees growing above it in this video on Discovery Green’s youtube channel.

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Khambrel Marshall of KPRC2 interviews Barry Mandel and Kathryn Lott