Monument Au Fantome

Monument Au Fantome
The large free-form red-white-blue sculpture on Avenida de las Americas is the park’s most well-known artwork and one of Houston’s great treasures. Its title means “Monument to the Phantom” or imaginary city in French. 

There are seven individual forms that represent different features of this city, including a church, hedge, chimney, dog, phantom, tree and mast. 

It is by Jean Dubuffet, an internationally-known 20th century French sculptor who passed away in 1985 (two years after the sculpture was completed).  He liked to communicate fresh ideas without reference to “cultural clichés.”  Dubuffet was inspired by the art of outsiders, which he called “L’Art Brut”.  It is painted fiberglass over steel frames, and the tallest piece is 33 feet.  The sculpture is part of his Hourloupe series, which has companion sculptures in New York, Chicago and Europe. 

Monument Au Fantome was donated to Discovery Green® by the Dan Duncan family.

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