Forever Green Membership

Forever Green Membership
Your Discovery Green Conservancy membership supports the park’s free programming and its beautiful campus which serves as a buffer to the bustling urban environment beyond its borders. Forever Green Members help sustain this park we all know and love for today and the future.

People like you make Discovery Green Extraordinary. Your commitment is especially meaningful during these challenging times.

Your membership:
  • Supports an exceptional environment for nature and people
  • Supports a safe environment where citizens can gather in an open, relaxed atmosphere
  • Supports opportunities for exploration, magic and joy

Discovery Green park is funded and managed by the Discovery Green Conservancy. The mission of this 501(c)(3) charitable organization is to operate and guide the evolution of an uncommonly beautiful urban green space in the heart of Houston that serves as a village green for our city, a source of health and happiness for our citizens, and a window into the incredible diversity of talents and traditions that enrich life in Houston.


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