In-Person: Fitness in the Park

In-Person: Fitness in the Park

August 3 - November 10

The in-person fitness series at  Discovery Green is back! No pre-registration required.  Bring a towel and water, as well as a mat for  yoga  classes.

Masks are not required while exercising, but participants are asked to wear one before and after class.

Circles painted on the lawn will help ensure 8 feet of distance.

August 3 - November 9
Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm

Strengthen your body, relax your mind and find your center with this dynamic flow yoga sequence with John Tran.
*No class March 23. 

Wellness Wednesdays 
September 1 - November 10

Wednesdays, noon-1pm
Bring your lunch to the Hess Deck (or order it from the Grove) and join the Introduction to Mindfulness lesson and guided meditation with Heather Sullivan followed by the practice of mindful eating and ending with a lesson in mindful walking under the trees. Those wishing to order lunch can do so by making a phone order to The Grove anytime the morning of up until the class begins at noon. Just call 713-337-7321. 

HIIT class with FitMix Communities
August 4 – November 10
Wednesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 pm
A fun and challenging bodyweight interval training class to burn tons of calories while gaining strength, endurance and empowerment. 
Play is a universal activity that keeps the child inside of us alive. Flow arts increases brain activity and stimulates creativity.

Flow Arts 
August 19, September 16, and October 21 
Thursdays, 6-7pm
Playing with toys or “props” decreases stress and increases physical activity and coordination. Anything you’d like to bring from home is welcome. Hoola hoops and juggling equipment will be supplied.

Hatha Yoga 
August 7 - November 6
Saturdays, 9-10 am
A basic vinyasa yoga class for enhanced awareness and a strong, healthy body led by Andria Dugas.

Tai Chi 
August 7 - November 6
Saturdays 10:15 - 11:15 am
Simone Oliver of Four Dragons Institute teaches the Chinese internal martial art of Tai Chi which focuses on slow, meditative movements.

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