Fitness in the Park by Sprouts Farmers Market

Fitness in the Park by Sprouts Farmers Market

Yoga: Mondays, March  2–June 29,12–1 pm
Heartfulness Meditation: Mondays, March  2–June 29, 1–1:15 pm
Core-Focused Yoga: Tuesdays, March  3–June  30, 6:30–7:30 pm
Hatha Yoga : Saturdays, March  7–June 27, 9–10 am
Tai Chi : Saturdays, March 7- June 27, 10 am

Fitness in the Park presented by Sprouts Farmers Market  Sprouts Farmers Market presents a free fitness series at  Discovery Green. No pre-registration required. Bring a towel and water, as well as a mat for yoga classes. Yoga mats can be purchased in the office at  Discovery Green  between 9 am and 6 pm.

Mondays, March  2–June 29, 12–1 pm
Strengthen, relax and recharge during this yoga class for all levels. 

Heartfulness Meditation 
Mondays, March  2–June 29, 1–1:15 pm
Get in tune with your inner self during this 15-minute meditation session.   

Core-Focused Yoga 
Tuesdays, March  3–June  30, 6:30–7:30 pm
Strengthen your body, relax your mind and find your center with this dynamic flow yoga sequence.    

Hatha Yoga 
Saturdays, March  7–June 27, 9–10 am
A basic vinyasa yoga class for enhanced awareness and a strong, healthy body.

Tai Chi
Saturdays, March 7- June 27, 10-11 am 
The Chinese internal martial art of Tai Chi focuses on slow, meditative movements.

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