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Rhythms & Reflections: Echoes of Black Legacy

February 16, 2024

7:00 pm

10:00 pm

Friday, Feb 16; 7 – 10 pm
Flash Gordon Parks and Phillip Pyle II present a night of music and images celebrating Black History Month at Discovery Green.  Flash Gordon Parks soundtrack features music by Black artists from Houston accompanied by a projection of historical images from Houston’s wards compiled by Phillip Pyle, II. Daisies and Pancakes, a roller-skating club that explores the Black cultural connection to roller skating in Houston, will also be on hand demonstrating grooves and moves on The Rink.


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Viernes, 16 de febrero, 7 – 10 pm Flash Gordon Parks y Phillip Pyle II presentan una noche de música e imágenes para celebrar el Mes de la Historia Negra en Discovery Green. Daisies and Pancakes, un club de patinaje sobre ruedas que explora la conexión cultural negra con el patinaje sobre ruedas en Houston, también estará presente haciendo demostraciones de movimientos en la pista.
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