Man dropping their recyclables into the bin at Discovery Green in Downtown Houston

Canceled: Recycling Saturdays with Happy Earth Compost

April 13, 2024

11:00 am

2:00 pm

Please note: Recycling is canceled on Saturday, April 13. 

Saturdays, 11 am – 2 pm

Bring your glass, paper, plastic and aluminum to a recycling station provided by the City of Houston.

Happy Earth Compost provides a drop off container for your compost free of charge.  Compost can be carried in your own container and dumped into the compost container onsite. Happy Earth Compost will also have 5-gallon compost bins available for purchase. 


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  • An uncommonly beautiful, urban green space
  • A source of health and happiness
  • A window into the incredible diversity of arts and traditions in Houston

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Discovery GreenDiscovery Green


Lindsey Waterside Landing

The Lindsey Waterside Landing is a manicured lawn space on the northeast side of the park, bordering on a section of Kinder Lake. The location affords beautiful and tranquil views of the water, in addition to stunning views of Houston’s downtown skyline. The landing is also adjacent to the Monument Au Fantome, a masterpiece of modern art by Jean Dubuffet that was a gift from the Dan Duncan Family.

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Be a hero to this natural landscape that has stood to support your moments of play, exploration, and even civic engagement. You rely on these beautiful 12 acres for your wellbeing. And with your help it can support the community’s needs and environmental health.

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Discovery Green’s location in the heart of downtown, as well as its beautifully maintained landscape, makes it a much sought-after outdoor venue for events. From company picnics, fundraisers and product launches to concerts, festivals, birthday parties and weddings, the Discovery Green campus has the perfect spot for any event from 20 people to 20,000.