Lunar New Year celebration at Discovery Green
Sponsored By
PNC Bank

Lunar New Year at Solstice – sponsored by PNC Bank

January 22, 2023

5:00 pm

8:00 pm

Discovery Green is hosting a Lunar New Year celebration in connection with winter art installation, Solstice, by Studio Iregular. The event, sponsored by PNC Bank, will feature performances by Dance of Asian America and more. Food vendors and additional activities for the whole family will be available.

4:45 pm Nogak Farmer Dance group

5:00 pm Dance of Asian America

6:00 pm Nanta Drumming (BTS Arirrang)

6:05 pm Kkok-du-gak-shi (Puppet Dance)

6:10 pm Flower Basket Dance

6:15 pm Seung-Mu (Monk Dance)

6:25 pm Buchaechum (Fan Dance)

6:30 pm K-pop Dance groups

6:45 pm Sogo-Chum (Hand Drum Dance)

6:55 pm Hwagwanmu (Coronet Dance)

7:00 pm Lee’s Golden Dragon (Lion Dance)

7:15 pm Aurelia Sky

Sponsored By
PNC Bank

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