Kiko Villamizar at UHD Thursday Night Concerts

May 4, 2023

7:00 pm

9:00 pm

Kiko Villamizar is Miami born, Colombia raised. Learning Latin American folk music through the oral tradition of his family and then found himself back in Miami to study Jazz after high school. After years collecting melodies and beats across the Americas, Kiko formed into his own unique mix. A fusion of Afro-Colombian, Reggae, and other Latin world beats thrown in. His music is a celebration of Mother Earth while lamenting the violence and inequality that he has seen in his travels. His songs are relevant and contemporary while strongly honoring its roots.

Co-Headliner The Tiarras

These sisters turned bandmates, Tori, Sophia, and Tiffany Baltierra, collectively known as The Tiarras, are multi-faceted artists creating global music by pursuing sound without restrictions. 2023 will see the Mexican-American musicians/songwriters step into a rebirth that suits the next chapter of their aesthetic and career. This next chapter will begin with a new album being recorded beginning in the spring of 2023 that will build off the successes of their prior years and re-introduce the powerhouse Texas sister trio as genre defying artists on a mission to spread their inspiring and empowering messages through their eclectic yet refined sound.

Openers: Cucucuy

Old-school latin music by way of H-Town

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