Green plants and flowers at the gardens in Discovery Green Park in Downtown Houston, Tx

Gardening Classes

July 20, 2023

8:00 pm

9:00 pm

Learn to care for your own little piece of nature at home! These gardening classes are taught by Angela Harris Cannizzo, owner of La Lydia Garden Boutique and founder of the nonprofit A Plant In Every Home. Cannizzo is on a mission to make plants accessible to everyone, particularly underserved communities.


 July 6: Park & Home

Discovering park plants and how to incorporate them into personal garden spaces or as decorative elements indoors.

July 13: Small Space Gardening

Containers are an easy way to add a splash of color and excitement to your garden, balcony, patio or porch. This class will show you how to plant a container garden using succulents and other plants. Ideal for urban dwellers and everyone!

July 20: Plant Care 101

Keep your houseplants happy! Discussion on the general care of houseplants. This class is ideal for new plant parents and anyone who wants to bring a bit of nature indoors.

July 27: Eco Gardening

A demonstration on Kokedama planting which is a wonderful, sustainable way to bring nature inside without all the fuss.


Discovery GreenDiscovery Green


Andrea and Bill White Promenade

The Andrea and Bill White Promenade is a wide granite walkway that bisects the park, and serves as the local “market place” of Discovery Green®. It also serves as a space for temporary art exhibitions and other activities. A section of the Promenade is lined with sixteen 10′ x 20′ canopy tents, with additional permanent anchors in the pavement available for rent.

Restaurants at Discovery Green®

Hotel Partners

Do You Discovery Green?

Be a hero to this natural landscape that has stood to support your moments of play, exploration, and even civic engagement. You rely on these beautiful 12 acres for your wellbeing. And with your help it can support the community’s needs and environmental health.

Signature Events


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Discovery Green’s location in the heart of downtown, as well as its beautifully maintained landscape, makes it a much sought-after outdoor venue for events. From company picnics, fundraisers and product launches to concerts, festivals, birthday parties and weddings, the Discovery Green campus has the perfect spot for any event from 20 people to 20,000.