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Waste Management Inc. Gardens

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Lining the north shore of Kinder Lake, this is the park’s  largest garden and includes wetland plants (Louisiana Iris and Whitetop Sedge on the lake side of its gravel path) and upland grasses (Giant Liriope, Dwarf Maiden Grass, Karly Rose Fountain Grass and Gulf Coast Muhly) on the upland side.

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Waste Management Inc. Gardens

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Waste Management Inc. Gardens is located on the north shore of Kinder Lake.

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Discovery Green’s location in the heart of downtown, as well as its beautifully maintained landscape, makes it a much sought-after outdoor venue for events. From company picnics, fundraisers and product launches to concerts, festivals, birthday parties and weddings, the Discovery Green campus has the perfect spot for any event from 20 people to 20,000.