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Volunteers, with a boost from Shake Shack, help Discovery Green to reopen after Hurricane Beryl

We’re happy to announce that because of these volunteers’ efforts the park and all amenities, including the bathrooms, Gateway Fountains and Mist Tree will be opening again Saturday morning for regular operating hours.

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Discovery Green is a 12 acre village green at the heart of Houston where you’ll find space to relax, explore, and learn. With two restaurants, water fun for kids, 1 acre lake open for kayaking, dog runs, multi-use ampitheater, event lawn and so much more , you’ll find something for everyone at Discovery Green.

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Be a hero to this natural landscape that has stood to support your moments of play, exploration, and even civic engagement. You rely on these beautiful 12 acres for your wellbeing. And with your help it can support the community’s needs and environmental health.