Board of Directors and Committees

Board of Directors and Committees
Board of Directors
F. Xavier Peña, Chair, Houston Endowment, Inc.
Roxann Neumann, Vice Chair, Silver Eagle Distributors
Julie Young Sudduth, Secretary/Treasurer, IBERIABANK
Andrew Abendshein, Director, Gulfstream Trading, Ltd.
Roxanne Almarez, Director, Bracewell
Barry H. Caldwell, Director, Waste Management, Inc.
Zane Carson Carruth, Director, Carson Marketing, LLC
Linda Evans, Director
Larry Faulkner, Director
Saundria Chase Gray, Director, Shell Oil Company
Chaille Hawkins, Director
Stan Leong, Director
Nick Massad, Director, American Liberty Hospitality
Judy Nyquist, Director
Polly Whittle, Director, Kinder Foundation
Robert Eury, Ex-Officio, Central Houston
Nancy Kinder, Ex-Officio, Houston Downtown Park Corporation, Kinder Foundation
Dawn Ullrich, Ex-Officio, Houston First Corporation  

Dr. Maconda B. O’Connor, The Brown Foundation, Inc. (Founding board member; deceased)  

Discovery Green Conservancy – Officers
Julie Young Sudduth, Secretary/Treasurer, IBERIABANK
Aaron Roffwarg, General Counsel, Bracewell
Barry Mandel, President and Park Director   

Advisory Committees
Discovery Green also has the invaluable support of much of the Houston community. The following committee members provide counsel on the ongoing operations of Discovery Green.  

Nominating Committee

Larry Faulkner (Chair), Anne Duncan, Jackie Martin, Nancy Kinder, Brady Carruth, F. Xavier Pena            

Finance & Audit Committee

Julie Sudduth (Chair), Roxanne Almaraz, Jackie Martin, Polly Whittle        

Advancement Committee

Polly Whittle (Chair), Linda Evans, Pam Brasseux, Debbie Chenovert, Julie Sudduth, Saundria Chase Gray, Joanie Haley, Julie Bergen, Anne Duncan  

Programming Committee

Barry Caldwell, Chair, Scott Austin, Susan Bennett, Nicki Britton, Lucy Chambers, Jody Fiess, Stan Leong, Cindy Marion, Jackie Martin, Courtenay Siegfried, Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, Judi Taliaferro, Ann-Marie Tcholakian, Belen Timmons, P'nina Mossman Topham, Luther Villagomez, Alex Webb, Christine West  

Operations Committee

Bob Eury (Chair), Nancy Kinder, Guy Hagstette, Tammy Hendrix, Bonnie Jost, Peter McStravick, Lisa Johnson  

Public Art Committee

Judy Nyquist (Chair), Nancy O'Connor, Maconda Abinader, Gary Tinterow, Lea Weingarten, Jim Furr, Scott Ziegler, Elaine Finger, Deborah Brochstein, Leslie Hall, George Lancaster, Doug Lawing, Brandie Mask, Debbie McNulty, Aliyya Stude  

Marketing Committee

Nick Massad (Chair), Corey Powell, , John Nau, Roxann Neumann, Barry Caldwell, Jennifer Davenport, Courtenay Siegfried, Laura Paletz, Holly Clapham-Rosenow, Monica Danna, Susan Elmore, Kate Whitehall  

Compensation Committee

Larry Faulkner (Chair), F. Xavier Pena, Zane Carruth, Andrew Abendshein
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