Trees at Discovery Green

Trees at Discovery Green
The park’s trees not only provide shade, but they also shape its spaces, frame views and channel prevailing breezes to help keep the park cooler.

1. LIVE OAKS  Planted when this part of Houston was a residential neighborhood, these Live Oaks located along the Brown Foundation Promenade have survived for 100 years. Four large trees and many smaller trees were moved to the park to complete the promenade.

2. MEXICAN SYCAMORES  These fast-growing trees have green-silver leaves that literally sparkle in the sun.  Their beautiful vertical form stands in contrast to the spreading Live Oaks.

3. MONTEZUMA CYPRESS  Shading the wood terraces and piers overlooking the lake and fountain, this spreading native of the river banks and wetlands of Texas loves water and grows to magnificent heights.

4. LOBLOLLY PINES  Maconda’s Grove contains this Texas native that grows to huge dimensions in the Big Thicket of East Texas.

5. TEXAS RED OAKS These natives turn red, orange and yellow in the fall and provide shade at The Grove, McGovern Playground and Wortham Foundation Gardens.

6. BUR OAKS  Lining the north side of the Jones Lawn, these deciduous trees are known for their large, powerful form and deep green leaves.

7. AMERICAN SWEETGUM  These natives turn red, orange and yellow in the fall and provide shade at the Lindsey Waterside Landing.

8. ALLEE ELM This tough urban tree with delicate branches and leaves provides shade along Avenida de las Americas and LaBranch Street.

9. SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA  This classic beauty has large, waxy evergreen leaves and beautiful white flowers and fragrance in the spring.

10. SWAMP CHESTNUT OAK  This Texas native located on the Sarofim Picnic Lawn provides beautiful fall color.

11. GARDEN TREES  Ornamental trees provide color and texture, including the Golden Rain Tree, Natchez Crape Myrtle, River Birch, Eastern Redbud, Mountain Laurel, Mexican Plum, Chinese Fringe Tree, and Rusty Blackhaw  Viburnum.