The Staff at Discovery Green

The Staff at Discovery Green
Barry Mandel, President & Park Director
Melinda Parmer, Finance & Admin Director
Maria Aguirre, Executive Assistant

Susanne Theis, Programming Director
Lauren (Ren) Mitchell, Marketing & Brand Partnerships Manager
Candy Sigust, Events Manager
Lori Ann San Miguel, Programming Coordinator
Floyd Willis, Production Coordinator
Tiffany To, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator
Ellen (Elle) Johnson, Events Administrator

Stephanie Carroll, Fundraising & Foresight Manager
Julie H. Bergen, Development Consultant
Alexis Medrano, Development Administrator
Clark Curry, RLA, Operations Director
Louis Adame, Operations Crew Chief
William Flowers, Site Manager
Brian Wilmer, Park Manager & Horticulturist
Sheilla Wright, Outreach Coordinator
Eiseley Bischoff, Facilities Technician
Jesus Almeda, Operations Crew
Guadalupe Davila, Jr., Operations Crew
A.J. Woods, Operations Crew
Joe Flores, Operations Crew
Ferdinand Garrett, Jr., Operations Crew
Lashaundria Pickron, Operations Crew
Fabian Sanchez, Operations Crew
Larry Vasquez, Operations Crew

Billy Booker 
Brianna Luna
Danielle Torres
Giselle Tellez
Karen Powers
Lilia DeLamora
Maria Vasquez
Naomi Pettin
Renee Ramirez
Rick Delgado
Shaniqua Ivory
Zuri Kadirifu

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