The importance of Discovery Green

The importance of Discovery Green

Spring in Houston is a blessing that prepares us for the long, wet-blanket days of summer. For the Discovery Green Conservancy it’s a time when our events calendar is packed with all the activities we hold dear: yoga in the evening shade, festivals filled with culture and music, public art installations celebrating local artists and filling your Instagram feeds, Tai Chi on Saturday mornings for parents while their kids enjoy creative writing workshops in the reading room, and so much more.

This, of course, is no ordinary spring in Houston. Ironically, the beauty of this 12-acre park in the center of the city has never been more apparent. The grass is as green as the day the park opened 12 years ago. The gardens are abundant with hardworking bees and blooms.

We remember when this busy lushness once seemed impossible. An asphalt parking lot occupied this space before a group of Houston philanthropists transformed it with a singular vision: to bring all Houstonians together using beauty, art and programming to shine a light on the city’s great traditions.

This spring the lawn’s green thickness is a happy byproduct of a difficult situation. We must ask people to use the park in moderation — for a picnic with food to go from The Lake House, to throw a frisbee with your family, to take a moment of rest or exercise. Not to experience a concert and to shake hands with neighbors, but to quickly take respite and then leave so others may also enjoy the space.

The lonely lawn is now taking its own respite.

Since its inception the park has served as a catalyst for community-building. It was developed with input from the community with an emphasis on accessibility and desirability to all Houstonians regardless of race, income, age or status. Park designers created a destination to lure people from their silos to interact with those they work with, live near and worship with. The park’s tagline is “What will you discover?” It could very well read, “Who will you discover?” Now, more than ever, this mission is critical as the city must come together to protect its most vulnerable.

In times of hardship a city needs to take comfort in its culture. This is the role Discovery Green Conservancy now plays connecting Houstonians to the artists and musicians who call this city home. While circumstances necessitate staying physically distant from one another, the conservancy has moved its programming online. Concerts, dance classes, story times and fitness videos keep people entertained and provide a source of revenue for the artists who make this city so uniquely beautiful.

The Discovery Green Conservancy’s mission has not changed. We are here to serve the community. We are still the city’s village green.

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