The story behind the Hands of Heroes mural at Discovery Green

The story behind the Hands of Heroes mural at Discovery Green
There’s a new mural at Discovery Green and it’s dedicated to Houston’s essential workers. Whether they work in healthcare or at the grocery store, essential workers have kept the city running, often at the detriment of their own health.

We cannot say it enough: Thank you.

We could not say thank you to the city’s essential workers, however, without also recognizing how many are people of color. Essential workers are putting their bodies, and their lives on the line to protect everyone.

Houston artist Anat Ronen created this stunning mural honoring essential workers of 2020 days after the Black Lives Matter protest. Part of her inspiration came from the beauty of the park and the Synchronicity wall, a public art installation by Margo Sawyer. More of her inspiration came from the incredible diversity of Houston apparent in the 60,000 people who met at Discovery Green to bring the fight for equality to city hall.

Whether as first responders, or those who peacefully protest injustice, this mural is for everyone who makes Houston a beautiful place to live, play and work. These are the true heroes in whose hands we place ourselves.

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Post a photo of yourself at the mural to a public social media account with the hashtags: #HoustonStrong #DiscoveryGreen and #TheGrove and you will get a free appetizer. (With purchase of equal or greater value.) With every 1,000 check-ins, The Grove will host a happy hour with free bites for essential workers!
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