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Winter Solstice Sound Bath and Candle Labyrinth Walk: PNC Bank

December 21, 2022

3:47 pm

9:00 pm

Wednesday, Dec. 21 3:47 – 9 pm

A healing Sound Bath begins at the exact the moment of the winter solstice. Stationed throughout the art installation, Solstice by Studio Iregular, eight gifted sound healers will play glass bowls until 7 p.m. to mark the occasion. A labyrinth constructed by Houston artist Reginald Adams and comprised of battery-operated candles will be available for those who wish to take part in a solstice tradition.

Public art programming, inspired by Solstice, is sponsored by PNC Bank throughout the winter season and includes the Sound Bath and Labyrinth Walk, dance performances, cultural celebrations as well as family arts and crafts workshops. 

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PNC Bank

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