Discovery Green Turns 5!

April 18, 2013
by Laura Prus
Before we opened on April 13, 2008, people were hopeful about a new park downtown, but skeptical. Who would drive downtown with their families? Who would come downtown on the weekends? Who would spend time outside in the Houston heat? 

Skepticism aside, we built it, you came, and it’s been a thrill to witness nearly 5 million people visiting over the past five years. From the moment the fencing came down and the public was welcome in, you’ve known exactly how to enjoy a day in the park. We watched as you all brought blankets, chairs and picnics and embraced the new space from day one.  Even on day two, eight young children ventured into downtown with their parents affirming that Discovery Green was a safe, new destination for everyone in the city.

Since then, you’ve enjoyed Discovery Green in enumerable ways, and have brightened our each time you’ve visited. There have been chants from children in the fountains each summer cheering “WA-TER”, “WA-TER”, “WA-TER”, groups of young skaters taking over the ICE to “Gangam Style”, and soon there will be families gathering to be mesmerized by Architects of Air’s Exxopolis exhibition.

Looking back, it’s been astounding to watch the park grow in popularity. We knew there would be a few fitness enthusiasts who would enjoy a class, and our programming director, Susanne Theis, said she’d be pleased to see 35 people in attendance. Now that she’s working on plans for Discovery Green to host the world’s largest zumba class, and weekly class sizes far exceed 35, she considers those her famous last words! 

We felt the electricity of the park when we visited in its early construction phases, but what makes Discovery Green the place it is today is you! Thank you Houston for coming to explore, supporting our diverse activities, and welcoming us into the community five years ago!