Welcome to the ‘hood, Scarlet Spider

March 14, 2012
by Susanne Theis
Tonight’s IKEA movie is Spiderman 2, one of our favorite comic book stories on film. We chose it to help welcome one of Houston’s newest citizens, the Scarlet Spider. This Marvel Comic hero is a clone of Peter Parker’s who has chosen Houston as his new city. Marvel rolled out their newest comic book series in January, and it is the first Marvel Comic hero ever to live in a city that isn’t New York. The Scarlet Spider lives at the Four Seasons Hotel, just a block from Discovery Green. We love what the creators of the new comic book said about Houston. We feel the same way about our city, and think one of Discovery Green’s job is to make sure the rest of the world knows what a great city it it. Welcome to the ‘hood, Scarlet Spider!