The Changing Face of Houston

March 20, 2012
by Kim Tarleton
Houston means different things to different people. Some Houstonians were born and raised here while others moved here when they were young or transplanted here to purse education or job opportunities. To outsiders, Houston may appear to be a large metropolis with a spaghetti bowl of highways and acres of concrete, but to Houstonians, whether you’re a native or transplant, this city is home. And if you haven’t noticed, this place we call home is constantly evolving.

At the end of April, Discovery Green will play host to an exciting event focusing on the metamorphoses of Houston. We are excited to confirm that Houston 8′s Ernie Manouse will emcee the event and Chloe Dao, you may recognize her from Project Runway, will give a testimonial about life as a Houstonian. Also, the official premiere of Interesting Times: Tracking Houston’s Transformations Through 30 Years of Surveys, will take place during this special event. The 25 minute movie was produced and directed by ttweak and explores Houston’s transformation over the last three decades. You can catch and excerpt of the movie here or read more about it on CultureMap.

What does Houston mean to you? In your eyes, how has the city changed?