Wonder where we got our name ‘Discovery Green’?

March 29, 2012
by Claudia Morlan
I took a trip down memory lane with Lara Rose from Hargreaves (Hargreaves Associates was the lead architecture firm that designed the park) as she was researching the naming process for their Corpus Christi project Destination Bayfront. The name “Discovery Green” was the result of a public call for name suggestions in 2006. Like the design process for the park, which had tremendous public input, park leadership wanted the public’s input on the name. With the help of the Houston Chronicle, KHOU Channel 11, the Houston Astros, YMCA and several others, the “Name the Park Contest” was launched in the summer of 2006.

6,000 entries later, it came down to five finalists. No, not Stephen Colbert Park. Not Chuck Norris Park. But, Discovery Green, which conveyed the magic of a place we hoped Houstonians wanted to explore. A place where people thought – wow – I want to go there. Six years later and four million visitors and counting…I think we’re living up to our name.

Our name was announced at the Groundbreaking Ceremony in October 2006 with Mayor Bill White.