Art Carts at Discovery Green

May 9, 2012
by Susanne Theis
The Art Car Parade is this week. For the people who happily spend their free time with bondo, caulk guns and mardi gras beads, this week is like your birthday, Christmas and New Years all rolled into one. People from all over the United States (sometimes farther) drive to Houston in cars covered in dancing mechanical fish, cameras, license plates or dolls. A quarter million line Allen Parkway to watch the procession. It’s an amazing display of creativity, ingenuity and humanity. And here at Discovery Green, we have our own art carts all year long!

Discovery Green’s Art Advisory Committee decided to pay tribute to the wonderful Houston spirit behind the Art Car Parade at the park. The committee attended the Art Car Parade in 2007 and selected two artists to create art carts to hold athletic equipment for the public to use at the park on weekends. Rebecca Bass, a trailblazing educator, was then at Waltrip High School, where she created art cars with her students that have been shown around the world. She and her students made a wonderful dragon cart for Discovery Green. Mark Bradford, known to his fans and television audiences as Scrap Daddy, made an entirely different cart for us. Jadee is made of recycled metal (actually, industrial pineapple juice container tops and the metal molds for Mexican pesos!). We – and millions of Discovery Green fans – love them both.