We Love Our Trees ... And So Do You!

May 15, 2012
by Laura Prus
Last month when we celebrated our 4th birthday, we asked our Facebook fans to look back at our many milestones and features. We were all surprised and delighted with an overwhelming response from people about our 100-year-old live oak trees. So, that got us digging up some history about the beautiful trees along the Brown Foundation Promenade …
This photo of the park shows how the land was originally divided between a parking lot and this row of trees. Those trees eventually became the backbone of the park. In 2007, when the park was under construction the lot to the west that was to become the residential high-rise One Park Place was also being “cleared” for construction. Our neighbor, Marvy Finger donated four trees that were on that site in order to complement our “allee.” It was no small feat! Over a period of weeks, crews moved the trees. This involved driving a bed of pipes under each tree root ball to create a platform used to lift the trees and then wrapping each of the 20 foot root balls. The trees were lifted by a crane, onto a trailer and moved to Discovery Green.

Given our warm summers, these trees provide a ton of shade and are one of the features that make Discovery Green beautiful. During last Summer’s drought, our Operations Team tirelessly watered and cared for these trees. We were lucky. While our sister parks – like Memorial Park – suffered a tremendous loss, our live oaks survived. But, it was a cost – the lawns of the park are in dire need of attention and we’ve now turned our attention to replanting and resodding. It’s a year-around effort!

Want to learn how you can help? Read more about how you can support the efforts at Memorial Park as well as Growing the Green at Discovery Green.