Meet Katherine the Summer Intern!

June 5, 2012
by Melinda Parmer
This is our third year to participate in the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program. Our project this year is our first ever annual report, and the lucky intern to create that is Katherine McKenna, who will be a senior at Boston College next fall. She spent the past year in London as part of her academics, and here’s a shot of her enjoying some traveling in Prague:

(that’s Katherine on the left)

MP: How did you hear about Discovery Green?

KM: I heard about Discovery Green before it was even built.  I’m close friends with the Del Grandes, who created the Grove and the Lake House restaurants at Discovery Green, and they told me about the project several years ago.

MP: What made you decide to apply for this internship?

KM: I applied to this internship because I think that Discovery Green is a great project for Houston and I wanted to find an internship related to research.   During this internship, I will be writing Discovery Green’s annual report.  I think that this is a great opportunity to improve my research and writing skills.

MP: You spent the school year in London – how did you do academically this past year? Was it harder or easier than your previous coursework?

KM: I will not receive my grades until the end of July, but hopefully I did well.  The coursework was not harder, but it was very different.  I studied at the London School of Economics, which operates under a full year system.  Each class lasted all year, and there was a cumulative exam at the end year which counted for 50% of my grade.   The school required a lot more independent work throughout the year, almost like a graduate program in the U.S.

MP: Did you have some fun extracurricular activities?

KM: I had a great time in London.  At the LSE, I participated in a project called FoodCycle.  FoodCycle is a charity in the UK that takes unwanted food and cooks meals for the homeless.   I really enjoyed volunteering with this project, and I learned a lot about cooking! I also spent my time exploring the city and going for long runs, because I’m running the New York Marathon next November.

MP: Did you get to do any traveling?

KM: I was lucky to do plenty of travelling throughout Europe this year.  I visited family and friends in Paris, Munich, and Florence.  During my Spring Break, I planned a trip with my friends through Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

MP: If you could buy a superpower, what would it be?

KM: Teleportation! So I can travel anywhere, anytime without airports, carrying my luggage etc.  I love going to new places, but I hate all of the hassle.

Well, welcome to Discovery Green, Katherine!