How's Your Job?

June 5, 2012
by Barry Mandel
I’m often asked, “how’s your job, Barry”. My answer always seems to be the same. “I am very lucky. My office is a playground. How bad can it be???”

In all seriousness, I work with a group of very talented individuals. They are the best in their respective fields. And we get to do what we love at a place we love. We are never shy about bragging about this incredible 12 acre park that has not only changed our neighborhood but also the way the entire City views public green space.

As a fourth generation Houstonian, I was told “Do not go Downtown”. I never really cared because there was nothing I wanted to go Downtown for. The sidewalks rolled up at 5:00 pm Friday and back down at 7:00 am Monday. Nothing was happening Downtown. All my childhood memories are from places around Houston other than Downtown. Astroworld…..Kiddie Wonderland…. Bellaire Roller Skating Rink…..Meyerland Cinema.

Boy, have things changed. I’ve loved having a front row seat to the change as both the Director of the Theater District and the President of the Downtown Alliance. But the view from my office….my office at Discovery Green beats them all.

How’s my job??? Take a look at the picture above and I think you’ll agree. I am very lucky.