5 Things to Do With Kids at Discovery Green on Mondays

June 24, 2012
by Melinda Parmer

We often get requests that go like this: “What is there to do today?” On a weekend , there are lots of things going on, and often during the week as well! But Monday? It isn’t like it’s a ghost town on Monday, but, well, what is there to do?

1. Play in the gateway fountain! It’s open every day of the year* and right now it’s about the coolest non-air conditioned space in Houston. Here’s a tip: it seems chanting “water! Water!” when the water pattern comes to a halt magically makes it start over. It’s also appropriate to scream when the big jets start up. (*weather and maintenance permitting, of course)

2. Get an ice cream cone at the Lake House! What could be better on a 100 degree day? Can’t decide between chocolate or vanilla? Have both! The great staff will swirl a special half-n-half cone just for you.

3. Go butterfly hunting! In the Wortham Foundation Gardens area, there’s one garden devoted specifically to butterflies, but the beautiful creatures can’t read and will be found floating above all the flowers in the park! (Don’t bother telling them they are in the wrong garden – they’ll just laugh at you!)

4. Count the fish in Kinder Lake! There are lots of fish in the lake, although during the hot part of the day you – and the fish – will probably prefer the shade. But as the sun goes down behind the big buildings, it’s lots of fun to see how many aquatic creatures you can find!

5. Have a picnic! The park is never as crowded on Mondays as it is on the weekend, so it’s pretty easy to find a shady spot for you and your family to spread out and have PB&J sandwiches and chips. But be sure to save room for your ice cream cone!