NOW CLOSED:Fiddle Festival

NOW CLOSED:Fiddle Festival

Friday and Saturday, October 7 and 8 from 7-10 pm
Workshop: Saturday, October 8 at 2pm 

The Fiddle Festival brought innovative string artists to Houston for a series of concerts, workshops and jams. The festival took place the following days:  

Friday, October 7 from 7-10pm
7:05 PM - Jeff Duncan and the Texas Trio
7:30 PM - Lost and Nameless Orchestra
8:00 PM - Villalobos Brothers 
8:30 PM – Daniel Bernard Roumain
9:30 pm – Jam session

Workshop: Saturday, October 8 at 2pm (open to people of all ages)
Divisi Strings will be hosted a hands on workshop for beginners of all ages to learn about the violin, the basics of fiddling, and how to play in different styles, with our special guest Daniel Bernard Roumain.   Lisle Violin Shop donated 20 instruments of various sizes for demonstration, but participants were encouraged to bring their own fiddles along!

Saturday, October 8 from 7-10 pm
7:15 PM - Divisi Strings 
7:45 PM - Two Star Symphony
8:15 PM – Daniel Bernard Roumain
8:30 PM - Villalobos Brothers
9:30 pm -  Jam session

More about the artists that performed: 

Daniel Bernard Roumain
Daniel Bernard Roumain is a classically trained composer, performer, violinist, and band-leader noted for blending funk, rock, hip-hop and classical music into an energetic and experiential sonic form. 

Villalobos Brothers
Contemporary High-Octane Mexican Fiddling. From Carnegie Hall to the Latin Grammys, Villalobos Brothers have been acclaimed as one of today’s leading Contemporary Mexican ensembles. Their original compositions and arrangements masterfully blend and celebrate the richness of Mexican folk music with the intricate harmonies of jazz and classical music.

Divisi Strings
Divisi Strings is dedicated to innovation, with an unmatched selection of classical music mixed with today’s hottest hits. 

Two Star Symphony
Two Star Symphony is a Houston based instrumental music ensemble composing and performing all original music. Two Star’s dark distinctive sound is a result of a unique writing style.

Lost and Nameless Orchestra
 Lost & Nameless are seasoned Austin professionals who whip up an unforgettable sonic whirlwind wherever they play. Their original compositions feature complex, turn-on-a-dime arrangements.

Texas Trio
The Texas Trio has been “celebrating the roots of Texas country music” in the greater Houston area, and across Texas, for over 15 years. Although two of the three original Texas Trio members have now passed away, the band has continued to entertain and educate people young and old with the music and stories of songwriters and musicians who literally created the Texas music genre.   

And more! 

The Fiddle Festival is presented with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Discovery Green art programming is funded in part by a grant from the City of Houston through the Houston Arts Alliance.