MARAVILLOSO! The Water Festival

MARAVILLOSO! The Water Festival

MARAVILLOSO 2015: The Water Festival

Discovery Green welcomes the return of MARAVILLOSO! A contemporary circus and dance event featuring talent from all over the world and from Houston. The two-day event returns as a Water Festival on June 5-6, 2015 with a graceful performance on Kinder Lake by Belgium's and Netherlands' artistic company Chanson d'Eau

Original music and art works by Chanson d'Eau in their first US appearance, the performance features floating, glowing "flowers" that open to reveal graceful dancers on Kinder Lake. The festival will also include a new commissioned dance performance celebrating water, called "DRENCH," by Karen Stokes Dance

Karen Stokes Dance is a non-profit dance company that has been producing original dance-theater in Houston since 1999.  During this time, KSD has performed in New York City, Toronto, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Dallas, Kaarlstad (Sweden), and in Houston, Texas.  In 2014, Karen Stokes was named number one choreographer by the Houston Press in their Top Ten Houston Choreographers list. In 2013, Houston Press awarded Karen Stokes with a Masterminds Award, the first contemporary dance company in Houston to receive this recognition for innovation in the arts.

Check back soon for performance times. 

MARAVILLOSO 2014: Contemporary Circus

The inaugural event in July 2014 brought thousands of spectators to the free, two-day event that featured special performances by Barolosolo Cirkus Company, Houston’s own Cirque La Vie, and FrenetiCore Dance Company. Audiences enjoyed Barolosolo’s performance of ”ile O,” group acrobatics and contortionists from Cirque La Vie, and fearless dance theater from FrenetiCore. 

The July 2014 circus was produced by Discovery Green Conservancy, with the support of the Houston Arts Alliance, Institut Français and the Cultural Service of the French Consulate in Houston. 

Pictured below: DRENCH by Karen Stokes Dance. Photo by Lynn Lane.