BLOG: Getting know the Thursday Concert band Summer Street

BLOG: Getting know the Thursday Concert band Summer Street
Every Thursday now through June 25, Discovery Green becomes a gathering place for joyous grooves and good times at the Sounds Like Houston! Thursday Concerts presented by UHD.  

One of the most beloved and anticipated event series at Discovery Green, our Thursday Concerts bring Houstonians together under the skyline of downtown Houston to sing, dance and relax on the hill while some of the Gulf Coast’s most dynamic bands perform.  

We caught up with one such band, Summer Street, to discuss their upcoming appearance at the May 21 “Music of 1965” concert, and to learn more about this incredibly talented band that just happens to still be in high school!

Tell us about Summer Street Band. How did you come to be? We were asked to play at our school’s book fair, then at a Christmas recital, and ever since, we’ve continued to play together! We do weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other special events, in addition to playing at shows like this upcoming one at Discovery Green.  

How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard you perform?
We describe our sound as classic rock. We’ve built up a repertoire of more than 50 cover songs, and are working a collection of original music, set to come out this summer.  

Most of the groups and songs you cover are from bands that are older than you are! How did the band get into that music?
We love being introduced to old and new bands alike, and are constantly finding new music to enjoy and cover. Our set at Discovery Green is 1965-themed, and we’re learning many songs just for that night! In the last two weeks, we’ve learned about 15 songs.  

Why are you excited to perform at Discovery Green?
Discovery Green is our favorite venue to perform!  

What song do you have on repeat right now?
“Come Together” by The Beatles  

What is the funniest or most interesting thing you’ve seen an audience member do during a performance?
Seeing our grandparents dancing alongside young children doing the same thing!  

“Boy bands” have a renewed popularity with groups like One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer. Do you aspire to be the “next” boy band?
We don’t, but we are all very serious about music. In fact, some of us may postpone college to become professional musicians.  

Where can fans find you on social media? We’d love to connect with fellow music enthusiasts on Instagram and Facebook!   
To see the full band lineup for the Sounds Like Houston! Thursday Concerts presented by UHD, click here. Visit our calendar page for more information on each show, and “like” the Thursday Concerts Facebook page here.  
Pictured below: The Fab 5, also performing alongside Summer Street at the May 21 Thursday Concert.