BLOG: Recycling Saturdays Returns!

BLOG: Recycling Saturdays Returns!
Recycling Saturday’s returns this fall with new and familiar faces! Starting September 10 from 11AM-2PM you can stop by Discovery Green® to recycle plastic, paper, tin and metal containers at the City of Houston recycling station. Because the City of Houston is no longer accepting glass in curbside pickup, we have arranged for iRecycle Glass to be here during Recycling Saturdays as well!

Bill Robertson, founder of iRecycle Glass, is excited to be partnering with Discovery Green (as are we!), a place he has visited many times with his family. We recently spoke to him on the importance of recycling and how you can recycle.

Why is it important to recycle?
We only have one planet and we have to take good care of it for the next generation. Because we only have a finite amount of resources in this earth, I think it’s vital to reduce waste, reuse materials you can, and recycle.

Why did you choose to partner with Discovery Green?
I think iRecycle Glass and Discovery Green’s mission overlaps and is a natural fit. They have phenomenal programming and a fantastic venue, it is exciting to be affiliated with them.

What do you want Discovery Green visitors who are interested in recycling to know?

It is not too late to start. Our tagline is for the next generation, by recycling you are caring for others and keeping our planet clean for many generations to come.


Make sure to bring your recyclables to Recycling Saturdays starting September 10th and make a difference! See below for more information on what is acceptable and not acceptable.

City of Houston’s Recycling container accepts….

1. Rinsed and drained plastic containers # 1-5 and #7, Aluminum, Tin, Steel and empty Aerosol cans
2.Dry paper
3. Flattened Corrugated Cardboard – 3 feet on each side  

IRecycle Station accepts…
1  All types of Glass-remove metal lids

*Note: Please make sure you separate glass from plastic, paper, and cardboard. 

What we don’t accept…

Plastic bags and film

2.Food containers such as pizza boxes, Styrofoam food containers, wax coated boxes/containers.
3.Anti-Freeze, oil, or similar containers  

To learn more about iRecycle click here
To learn more about how Discovery Green is Green click here

Discovery Green Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. 

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