BLOG: Discovery Green ® welcomes summer interns: part 2

BLOG: Discovery Green ® welcomes summer interns: part 2
We continue our two-part intern series with our wonderful interns Adrianna Sanchez and Jenny Lim from Bank of America’s Summer Youth Internship Program. Jenny is an upcoming junior in high school who hopes to have a career in the entertainment industry, and Adrianna is also an upcoming junior in high school and wants to pursue a career in accounting. They recently spoke to us about their internship and what they are excited to learn whilst working at Discovery Green!  

Q:  Describe Discovery Green’s mission in your own words

Jenny: Discovery Green’s mission is to provide a safe environment for people of all ages. I would describe the park as an enjoyable haven within the bustling city.

Adrianna: Discovery Green is a well-known park that provides free events to families in order to get their kids outside. It's a safe environment for families, and we take action right then in there when something is not right. We keep the park GREEN.  

Q:  Why is this mission important to you personally?

Jenny: I feel like this is important because I want to inform others that they can enjoy themselves out in the open rather than at home.

Adrianna: This mission is important to me because everyone deserves to live in a safe environment. Also, we must always make sure we keep the world clean and safe for nature and giving back to our world and keeping it green like our park.

Q: What are you most excited about learning at Discovery Green?  What have you learned during your internship?

Jenny: Well, prior to this internship, I actually have never been to this park before. With that being said, I am genuinely surprised at the amount of activities the park has to offer.  

Adrianna: I've learned that communication is a big part in order to work with anyone else. Communication is always around whether it's from talking to vendors, families or co-workers. We interact in so many different ways.  

Q: How did you hear about Bank of America’s Summer Youth Employment Internship Program and why was this a program you wanted to participate in?

Jenny: I found out about this internship because I was scouting for a summer job. My older sister previously worked with the Summer Youth Internship Program two years ago, and she managed to get a summer job as well.  

Adrianna: My school college counselor sent every student an email about the internship. So I have 1 friend from school doing the internship with me. I wanted to participate in this program in order to get myself out there and experience something new, instead of spending my time indoors doing nothing. Also, I wanted to build up my resume, and show colleges I'm capable of something good.  

Q: At the end of the internship, what do you hope to walk away with?

With this internship, I hope to walk away with more knowledge towards my future. This experience has taught me many things that I am sure will assist me in the upcoming years.

When this internship is over I plan to walk with the skills I gained, which was communication. At Discovery Green I had no idea how much communication was needed. For a shy person like me to talk to many staff it really made me break out of my shell and talk more. Maybe sometimes a little too much.

Q: What is your dream job?

I would like to have a career somewhere in the entertainment industry.
Adrianna: My dream job is to be in accounting. I want to work in a bank and help others.    

Bank of America’s Summer Youth Employment Internship Program (SYEIP) partners with SER–Jobs for Progress, a non-profit empowering youth in at risk communities, to reach recent or soon-to-be high school graduates. SER works with participating non-profits to strategically match youth based on their interests and location. This year, the SYEI program provided 60 Houston youth with summer internships including our very own Jenny and Adrianna! Interns ages 16-21 gain paid work experience as well as Job Readiness training prior to starting at the worksite. The SYEI program provides the opportunity to gain real-world experience at local nonprofit organizations.

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