BLOG: Lauren (Ren) Mitchell joins the Discovery Green ® Team

BLOG: Lauren (Ren) Mitchell joins the Discovery Green ® Team

We are excited to introduce to you our newest team member Lauren (Ren) Mitchell! Ren is the Marketing Manager and is responsible for creating and executing the overall marketing strategy for the park, increasing community engagement, and upholding the brand integrity of Discovery Green.

A proud Houstonian, Ren, is a graduate of the Honors College of Texas Tech University and holds a master’s degree in Professional Writing and Technical Communications from the University of Houston-Downtown. We recently sat with Ren for a Q&A to tell our blog readers about herself and her experience at Discovery Green:

How has your time at Discovery Green been so far?

My time so far at Discovery Green has been wonderful. My desk looks out onto the fountains, and seeing so many kids and families enjoying the park every day is a testament to the hard work this team is doing. And now I get to be a part of that. In less than two months, I have seen wedding proposals, a baby’s first steps, first dates, a family reunion, birthday parties, and countless other memories that are being made by Houstonians and visitors alike in this urban green space. I lived ½ mile away from the park 10 years ago when it was being created, so it is amazing to come back to this beautiful place that has become such a welcoming park in the middle of downtown and so critical to our city.

What is the most interesting/ funniest thing you’ve done at Discovery Green?

Being in the park and meeting people from all over the world has been an incredible and funny experience. We had a group of kids from a small town in Arkansas here for a recent robotics competition and they were just so mesmerized by the park and all of the downtown buildings surrounding it. When you come from a town of 15,000 and there were more than 15,000 just in the park that day, it was easy to see how magical this place is through someone else’s eyes. (I also had to get on the roof of the George R. Brown Converntion Center for some aeriel photography of the park…that was interesting!)

What is your favorite part of the park and why?

I can truly say that I love all the areas of the park, from watching little kids enjoy the fountains, to watching the water lilies bloom in Kinder Lake. I also love that we host a variety of events from fitness classes and LGBTQ celebrations to live jazz that celebrate the diversity and boudless cultures in Houston.  But when I walk the perimeter of the park I have always found myself meandering down the magnificent Brown Promenade with those powerful oak trees lining the way to the area around the Wortham Foundation Gardens; there is something so peaceful about the Southeast corner of the park that is slowly becoming my favorite place.

What event are you looking forward to this Spring?


My family and I have always loved shopping at the Flea by Night and coming to the Thursday night concert series. It seems I started just at the right time because of the programming that is now happending on the Avenida right across from the park in front of George R. Brown. They have brought back “Party on the Plaza” with a great lineup of regional talent that will be playing every Wednesday night May-June. There is also an Italian performance group called eVenti Verticali coming in May to perform vertically on the sides of the George R. Brown plus another performance by a French circus arts group called Compagnie XY making their US debut in June. And Rainbow on the Green, and Cirque La Vie, and Toddler Tuesdays, and movie nights…and the list goes on! 


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