BLOG: Give to Discovery Green® and Shell will match your donation!

BLOG: Give to Discovery Green® and Shell will match your donation!
The Families and Children series presented by Shell is among one of the most beloved series at Discovery Green, where students have the opportunity to enrich their minds with writing, language and storytelling. We’ve asked the Young Writers Workshop team to share their favorite experiences and why they do what they do!

Q: What do you hope children learn through the Young Writers Workshop?

A: We hope that children will leave the Young Writers Workshop with an enthusiasm for reading and writing. We begin each lesson with a fun question that keeps students engaged in storytelling and the writing process. This is an important start in building strong, confident writers.  

Q: What are your goals as an instructor of Young Writers Workshop?

A: Our goal is to help even the most reluctant of writers find a pathway to share their stories through the power of words. We introduce lessons that allow students a chance to play and experiment with writing, making it an adventure rather than a chore. Because we have only an hour, we focus on lessons that are easy for students to capture and explore.  

Q: Why did you choose to hold Young writers Workshop at Discovery Green?

A:We are proud to partner with both Discovery Green and the Houston Public Library to offer this program each Saturday morning. The location is ideal for students, providing increased access to our program. Many kids who don't have WITS at their schools or can't attend camp in the summer, find a home at Discovery Green. Often kids write in class as their younger siblings play at the park, making it an experience for the entire family.  

Q: What has been your favorite experience?

A: By far, our favorite moments are the ones where we see a child stand up in front of their peers, and share a part of their poem or story. For some students this comes easily; others it takes many visits. During the last 10 minutes of class, parents and siblings pack into the library room as each student goes around in a circle to share. It is the smile that arrives on a child's face after they read and look over to their parents that brings joy to our entire weekend.  

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