BLOG: T-minus LI (51) days

BLOG: T-minus LI (51) days


We’re 51 days away from Super Bowl LI and Discovery Green® - along with Houston - is getting ready for their close up! Discovery Green will be the anchor of Super Bowl LIVE- a 10 day festival filled with entertainment, attractions and live music all around the park and adjacent lots.

Recently, METRO unveiled Super Bowl LI themed busses and Katya Horner’s aerial shot of Discovery Green was unveiled as one of themed busses! A total of 551 busses and trains will be sporting one of four different Super Bowl LI images. Katya Horner has captured countless beautiful photographs of Discovery Green and our events since we opened in 2008. You may not recognize her name but have probably seen her photos somewhere - just take a look at our home page! 

In thousands of photos that she’s taken of downtown Houston, she’s documented many of the transformational developments that have occurred since Houston last hosted the Super Bowl in 2004. Locals and visitors alike are celebrating its exceptional culinary, arts and nightlife scenes and its diverse, welcoming residents. A lively urban core is thriving thanks to new downtown attractions, residential living, and green spaces and Discovery Green has been a part of that transformation. It’s hard to believe that only ten years ago Discovery Green was just a mere parking lot. We have blossomed into a beautiful, 12-acre park that hosts over 600+ free events, educational programs, art installations and more each year!

The team over at Discovery Green couldn’t be happier to see Katya’s photographs of our beautiful green space driving around Houston! 

To learn more about Super Bowl LIVE click here.
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