Discovery Green Blog: Warming up on The ICE with Le Patin Libre

Discovery Green Blog: Warming up on The ICE with Le Patin Libre

Warming up on The ICE with Le Patin Libre

November 18, 2014
by Ashley Roberts

As the Southwest’s largest outdoor skating rink returns to Discovery Green this winter, we can hardly contain our excitement about the magical opening celebration we have in store for November 25! Lace up those skates and prepare to glide into an extraordinary experience. One of the evening’s many acts will be an incredible ice skating performance by electrifying, contemporary ice skaters, Le Patin Libre of Montreal.

Formed in 2006 by a group of five young, former championship skaters, Le Patin Libre began their new skating project on frozen ponds in Montreal. Unlike traditional figure skating, which typically features competitive skating and conventional routines, Le Patin Libre’s performances offer an incredible and unique ice skating experience.

The members of Le Patin Libre use their professional trainings as figure skaters to incorporate traditional jumps and spins into their performances. Their exuberant shows usually feature extreme ice skating, along with a variety of dance styles including urban dance and tap dance — in which they use the sound of their blades to create a heart-thumping percussive beat.

Considered one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, and said of The Guardian, “wonderfully fresh and inventive,” the contemporary ice skating quintet offers a rare celebration of freedom in ice skating. Meaning “the free skate,” Le Patin Libre is the only independent skating project in the world.

Premiering their first ever Texas performance and first public United States performance, the ice skating ensemble is eager to share the joy and freedom found in the art of their ice skating. Over the course of the previous five years, they are always inspired as they travel and perform abroad. Their feat in Texas will be no different!

Throughout the winter months, Le Patin Libre is scheduled to visit and perform in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Italy, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Switzerland. We are honored to have them make a special stop on The ICE at Discovery Green for our opening celebration!

During their stop at The ICE, the talented skaters will present an excerpt from their latest creation, critically-acclaimed and five-star-performance, “Vertical Influences.” Following this presentation, the group will pump it up with their legendary DJ and invite the crowd to the rink for an ice skating dance party!

Skate Night! at The ICE will be a festive, exciting and interactive evening with additional activities including a live appearance by Olympic Gold Medalist, Chad Hedrick, an illuminated ArtX Art Car procession, ice carvings by Reverend Butter and more. We hope you will join us as we usher in the joy and excitement of the winter season!

Visit here for more information about The ICE.


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