Discovery Green Blog: Discovering Light as Art With Bruce Munro's Field of Light

Discovery Green Blog: Discovering Light as Art With Bruce Munro's Field of Light

January 8, 2014
by Ashley Roberts

During the remaining winter months at Discovery Green, park-goers are invited to take a stroll along the Brown Promenade and enjoy Field of Light, a captivating art installation by British artist, Bruce Munro. Comprised of 4,500 frosted glass spheres atop slender stems, Field of Light blooms with gentle rhythms of colored light as darkness falls over the park. In order to understand the vision and inspiration for the installation, we spoke with Bruce Munro.

Q: What is special or unique about your installation at Discovery Green?

A: Firsts are often exciting and nerve-wracking and this installation at Discovery Green was no different.  This is my very first installation in Houston and my first in an urban United States environment. Every location presents qualities of its own.  Looking at Discovery Green’s recent history and understanding how it has been transformed from a parking lot to an inspirational urban and green landscape—it is an honor for me to be involved in such a remarkable project!

Q: How do you go about creating installations specific to each environment?
A: My first solo works were inspired by the outdoors and by large landscapes. For me, it is all about the space—what you learn from it when you first see it, to the way an environment is transformed once the artwork is installed.  The creative process is driven by—and seems to respond— to that first experience.

Q: What do you enjoy about the Field of Light installation?

A: Often one’s ideas never see the light of day, but I was determined for this one to happen. Creating it was the beginning of a new way of life for me, so I am very grateful to the landscape that inspired it. Most certainly, the process of creating it and seeing it grow, and also, people’s response to the artwork.  It is always something I don’t expect. 

Q: What are your thoughts about traveling the world and being able to share this gift with so many individuals?

A: I know that I have been very fortunate in my life’s endeavors.  As a young man, I was able to explore, travel and gather inspiration and experience—and that feeling hasn’t changed for me as I travel now.  It is always an honor to be asked to create a piece of work and install it for the public to see.  I can only hope that it creates some sense of experience.  Perhaps, I hope it is remembered like a smile!

Since its installation in November 2014, Field of Light at Discovery Green has captivated park visitors and passers-by, alike, both young and old. With the help of 40 volunteers and members of the community, Field of Light was installed with more than 200 hours of work, over a six-day period. Bruce Munro’s Field of Light will make its home along the Brown Promenade at Discovery Green until February. Be sure to catch a gaze before it moves along its journey. Visit for more information.