NOW CLOSED: Australia's Strange Fruit

NOW CLOSED: Australia's Strange Fruit

Sept. 20 through 22, 2013

Australia’s Strange Fruit

Thank you to everyone that attended the incredible performances by Australia’s Strange Fruit at Discovery Green®  in September! A fusion of theatre, dance and circus with performers perched atop 14-foot tall flexible poles, Australia's Strange Fruit performed Swoon!, a spectacular story of love, loss, joy and freedom. Hundreds of attendees crowded the Jones Lawn to see the free performances take place and were amazed once again by this unique artistry! 

Special thanks to the Brown Foundation for their generous support of this event. 

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The name Strange Fruit was conceived by the artist, Rod Poole in Melbourne, Australia in 1994. He had a dream of brightly dressed people swaying on top of stocks of wheat in a field. Learn more about the company on the Strange Fruit website:

Click the video below to get an insider's look at the magic of Australia's Strange Fruit!  

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